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Are you 18 years or older and Pregnant, struggling without support System to help you succeed? 

Do you know a Pregnant woman who needs support? Madonna Renewal Center is here to help. 


Kindly check out our website:, e-mail us at or call (815) 616-9672


Madonna Renewal Center Supports her Guests to live as Victors NOT Victims in A Safe, Nurturing, Non-judgmental environment that help a struggling Mother and her Baby to thrive





We understand that you are feeling overwhelmed, with racing thoughts and unanswered questions. It might be difficult to talk to family, friend or partner. Lack of health insurance, financial situation or what next could make the future look bleak. When life seem spinning out of control, it can be difficult to make decision but Madonna Renewal Center can help.


It is your decision, so it is important to understand the changes happening within your body and to know all your pregnancy options. Our Guests advocates will help you assess your situation, provide accurate information and walk with you through your pregnancy.


You have three options — Parenting, Abortion and Adoption!



The choice for Parenting is a challenging but rewarding decision. Some women would say that an unplanned pregnancy turned their world upside down, but their child changed everything for good. Parenting is always a very courageous and loving choice. Every mother is a hero.

You will not be alone in your decision to be a parent. Madonna Renewal Center will be here to answer questions such as: 

  1. Is this the end of the road for me?
  2. I am not even able to take care of myself; how can I afford to have a baby right now? 
  3. Where can I find information about insurance, hospitals, and doctors? 
  4. How will I tell my family? 
  5. How can I sustain a baby? 
  6. Where can I live with my baby? 
  7. How can I continue my education? 
  8. How will this pregnancy affect my job? 
  9. What resources are available if I choose to raise my child? 


We equally offer material assistance and support groups for expecting moms and new parents. Additionally, we have access to local resources – including referrals for healthcare, housing, food, clothing and employment.




  1. Provide Housing for up to 2 years
  2. Earn While You Learn Program
  3. Nurturing Safe Environment
  4. Lessons in Conflict Resolution and Relationship Counseling
  5. Lessons in Proper Parenting, Self and Child Care
  6. GED opportunity & Guide to College enrolment 
  7. Self Esteem lessons
  8. Family Faith Based programs
  9. Group Sessions
  10. Lessons in Values and Prudence
  11. Lessons Cooking, Arts and Craft & Mentoring




Women and Children Deserve more Respect and Love. We value every life.






SOWER OF THE SEED OF LIFE. She is like a fruitful vine and her children are like olive shoots around the table” (Psalm 128:3). She is called to procreate, to sow the seed of life-bring forth children. She is primarily called to be a mother.  Though biology is very crucial, it is only a tiny portion of what makes the woman a Mother.


MOTHER. Motherhood transcends biology. The primary call of every woman is to nurture and preserve life. Although some biological mothers do not deserve the title mother and Motherhood is not simply one’s ability to become pregnant but essentially the capacity to nurture life. Some people are lucky to be raised by a woman who showed them how to love and the importance of hard work. So many needs our support to understand that true love has no strings.


UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  A True mother loves unconditionally. Sacrifices time, health and youth. Never drew attention or complained or gloated about her suffering. She had a smile on her face while giving of herself. Her life embodies selfless and unconditional love. She leads by example, and embodies protection, love, kindness, resilience, courage, compassionate and strength. She does not stop giving of herself because it is her habit! The heart of a mother is a bottomless abyss of love always pouring forth. Of all the rights of a woman, the greatest is to be called mother, because a mother’s love is the fuel that enables us to do the impossible. The love of a mother contemplates and achieves the impossible. 


VALUE INDEPENDENCE. She discovers that she would not need anyone to fix her up; she has all it takes. The man in her life compliments her. She would not need anyone to take care of her. She learns that she is capable of living a fulfilled life on her own. She takes responsibility to build a home, raise kids, cook, do dishes, while pursuing a thriving career. 


CELEBRATE SELF. She learns when to say no or walk away from things that cause her to lose herself. She learns to keep going even while the whole world is against her. She believes in herself even while everyone seem to doubt her. She understands that bad grades, heart breaks and failures could be stepping stones and do not define one. She learns that her ability to bounce back from all setbacks and how hard she fought is the ultimate definer of her. She takes time to care for herself and spends even greater time celebrating others.


STRONG AND SOFT. Strong mothers are usually very sensitive they just hide it better, but you saw your mom silently cry over your pain, or stay up all night taking care of you when you were sick, or the nights she couldn’t sleep because something was troubling you. The way she hugs you when you are down shows unmatched compassion and tenderness and sometimes in a quiet corner you saw her shed a few tears. It is NOT EASY BEING A WOMAN. Sometimes your opinion will be discounted! You might be taken lightly when you’re very serious yet, you can stand out in a crowd and force everyone to listen to your voice and accept your ideas. She 

Never to look back. She remains the embodiment of Patience and faith and that patience is strength.


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Monday through Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

We can also attend to you after hour services if you email us ahead of time. Please call our office or email us to schedule an after hour appointment.

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Address: 1209B South Walnut Ave Freeport, IL 61032

Alex Kindly develop a small form for our Guests where our guests could send us a quick secure message such as:

Are you Pregnant and alone or seeking for a Safe Place to go?



It’s the last word on the mind of a young woman dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. She’s more likely to be focused on a series of what-if questions. What if my parents reject me because of this pregnancy? What if the father never helps? What if I never achieve the dreams I had before this?

But renewal is what we can offer her.

Madonna Renewal Center is a safe haven that offers hope and healing to women facing unplanned motherhood. These women have taken the first step of choosing life, so we pledge to help them make the rest of the journey to a bright future. We provide for the immediate physical needs of our guests (food, clothing, shelter) and provide for their emotional and spiritual needs with a supportive community.

Our program lasts 12 to 24 months and includes the mother and her child. Both reside here as the mother proceeds through a structured curriculum that builds character, faith and skills for independent living, employment and effective parenting. Each mother is also connected to appropriate agencies and opportunities that will help her achieve short-term and long term goals.

To participate, a mother must:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Be able to provide proof of pregnancy
  • Be free from drugs and alcohol for a period of time
  • Be willing to live in accordance with established rules
  • Be committed to working toward self-improvement goals
  • Be of any faith or even no faith at all. All who need help will be welcomed.
  • Not be fleeing a current domestic violence situation. Those who are will be referred to agencies that can help.




To apply to join our community, please click here and answer a few questions. We will contact you soon.

Motivated by love. Empowering women. Serving with diligence. All to achieve the simple word: Renewal. If you want to help us in our mission, please click the links below.