Progress for our Freeport Mission Continues. We cannot imagine a better way to help struggling mothers and the unborn, than to provide a safe haven where they will grow to nurture their child, as we hold their hands to embrace life. IHM SISTERS, their dedicated Volunteers and Donors are working hard to make this a reality. The Generosity of Freeport and surrounding communities is helping us to accomplish great things- Roof Replaced, Grounds restored, Asbestos/mold/lead abated, Bricks repaired….. Guess what? Thanks to IHM Sisters in Minneapolis for donating some fixtures for the project.

March 18, 2017 was very special- Amazing things began to happen! God tapped many on their shoulders, saying “Wake up! Go to MRC and help the Blue Nuns.” A group of dedicated Catholic men called St. Joseph and Sons from Rockford adopted the MRC Chapel estimated to cost $10,000.00 and began work! What a Beautiful way to start! God bless this group of dedicated men, who cherish their faith and are committed to impact the lives of others. All they ask for is prayer. They are currently working hard to get the Chapel ready for Easter DV. Once Jesus takes His throne, the rest of the work will sail smooth. IHM Sisters-MRC friend Jay Payan and his family arrived from Sterling IL, another couple John and Jean Gorski came from Joliet. Channel 23 aired our story. Oh! Rummage sale went on amidst all.


Our indefatigable Volunteers and the Blue Nuns in Freeport refused to rest! Since November 2016 they zealously embarked on different avenues to source funds to further advance the work.


A monthly indoor Rummage Sale continues at MRC every third Friday/Saturday of the month. This has witnessed tremendous outpouring of support from the local community. All items sold are donated and remain a steady source of fund. What we cannot use, we donate to others; an amazing opportunity to pay back and pay it forward.


November 2016 got us all prepared for a FUN NIGHT of dancing with The MADDMEN (formerly the Nomads) -a seasoned veteran of the Northwest IL Music scene since the ’50s & ’60s, who donate their time to benefit MRC. The “Blue Nuns” rocked it out with family and friends. It was a Fun and community get together, as well as raised funds for MRC. We remain grateful to the MADDDMEN, who donate their Music Skills and the EAGLES CLUB that allow us the use of their amazing facility for free. It is coming again this year put on your dancing shoes.


Despite Tornado warnings, Friends of Life, Friends of MRC, Friends of the Blue Nuns, and the amazing members of our community of Freeport and surrounding Cities gathered once again to support and share in our great Mission. Thanks to our amazing volunteers -Our Fundraising Chair – Colleen Fenn and her great TEAM (Mary, Sue, Pat, Jane, Louise, Barb, Margaret). Oh I cannot forget behind the scene great men and women Rich, Roger, Eldon, Andy, Roger, Angela, Dina, Eve, Mary Jane, the Harringtons, our Pastors Fr. Barr and Fr Anderson, and others! It is just one BIG FAMILY. We owe them our continued prayers. The presence of the many young children ages 5-12 who enthusiastically and devotedly served, cleaned up tables, as well as help count the money make this Dinner very special.

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It is not yet over! The second 5K run for MRC is also underway. Come June 3rd, another Fun Run will further draw the sisters closer to their local community as young and old participate in this Run/Walk to benefit the Madonna Renewal Center. God bless Madonna Renewal Center, God bless IHM Sisters, God bless all our Friends and those who continue to support our Mission of life and love.


A summary is included for easy read. Bedroom costs differ due to size and amount of work involved. Please, Adopt room/s! Room sizes make for difference in price. Apart from the St. Josephs, two rooms on the first floor is already adopted. Individuals, families or businesses could sponsor rooms for self or in memory of loved ones. As soon as two floors are ready we will begin to take in mothers! Please, help us to do this.

IMG_2434 IMG_2433 IMG_2155 IMG_2154 IMG_2153 IMG_2150 IMG_2148 IMG_2146 hall way first floor


Thanks to our dedicated IHM-MRC Family, Friends and Donors, especially our remarkable Fundraising Team who though small are mighty. Thanks to Jay Payan for stepping up to coordinate the work pro-bono, Rick Witt for dedicatedly nurturing this process, Chris Fye for all his unalloyed Guidance, and all the behind the scene crew for being always there. We are also indebted to the McGivney Center for nudging us on.




First Floor
Main Hallway $7,386.14 Sponsored Dolores TX
Mechanical Room $1,764.01
Kitchen $15,763.23
Storage Pantry $2,209.51 Sponsored Huntley Friend  *
Computer Room $4,325.92
Bathroom (CPU Room) $1,920.46
Child Care $4,367.10 Sponsored St. Mary Huntley  *
Library $4,172.17
Serving Room $3,121.39
Cafeteria $12,249.64 Sponsored Dolores TX
Women’s Bathroom $4,324.54 Sponsored Freeport Friend
Men’s Bathroom $4,473.29
Chapel $10,000 St. Joseph & Sons Rockford
Sacristy $2,500 MRC
Third Floor
Staff Bedroom 1 $4,564.67
Staff Bedroom 2 $5,440.96
Bedroom 1 $3,987.10
Bedroom 2 $4,213.69
Bedroom 3 $3,987.10
Bedroom 4 $4,213.69
Bedroom 5 $3,987.10
Bedroom 6 $3,987.10
Bedroom 7 $3,987.10
Bedroom 8 $3,987.10
Bedroom 9 $3,987.10
Bedroom 10 $3,987.10
Bedroom 11 $3,987.10
Laundry $3,985.60
Bathroom $5,580.28
Shower Room $5,329.00
Common Room $4,740.49 Sponsored St. Mary Huntley  *
Bathroom North $3,783.08
3rd Floor Hallway $8,866.26

Once these two floors are ready, we will be ready to welcome the mothers. We are looking for individuals, groups, businesses, Churches to give these moms a home.  Please, consider Sponsoring a room/rooms for us.

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